Jailed Businessman Helps to Raise more than £23,000 for Children’s Hospice

Nick in court


Tavistock businessman, Nick Henderson was taken in to custody last Friday by the strong arm of the law! As part of Children’s Hospice South West fundraising, Nick was granted bail (set at £999) following a charge of ‘cringe-worthy impersonations’, which he faced along with other regional business leaders at the event in Plymouth last week.

Managing Director of Mansbridge Balment, Nick saw his bail increased by £350 following an altercation with the Judge and an attempt to escape the courtroom. In spite of this ‘setback’, Nick finally managed to raise sufficient funds through friends and contacts to re-gain his freedom at the final hour.

“I have to say a huge thanks to everyone involved – the support and generosity of people has been terrific. When asked to participate by my good friend Lorna, from the Hospice, how could I possibly refuse? This organisation provides incredible support to the families of children with life-limiting issues and they need on-going financial support. This is one of a number of ways the Hospice has to assist their fundraising and it was great fun to be part of the whole thing, which was really well organised. The local police played their part too and added to the realism of the day – it’s wonderful when people from different aspects of the community come together in this way, it was a privilege to have taken part.”


Group pic