M.A.D. award winners are a ground force to be reckoned with!

Added on March 24, 2017 in Latest News, Plymouth City Office Blog

Mansbridge Balment Plymouth staff members Natalia Rozario and Julie Comber helped smooth a house sale process in Plymouth – by tidying up the garden.

Now the dynamic duo have been honoured for their selfless clean up act by winning the agency’s much coveted Making a Difference (M.A.D.) Award.

Natalia and Julie – who both work at the Plymouth City Office – each scooped £75 worth of vouchers of their choice in the latest M.A.D. award, given to staff who go above and beyond during the course of their daily work duties.

When the buyer of the property in Plymouth grew increasingly frustrated with broken planters and other mess, Natalia and Julie, both previous M.A.D Award winners, decided they would step in to make sure everything in the garden was rosy.

Julie was also praised for her activity in promoting the Mansbridge Balment service and some of its current property listings via social media.

Managing Director Darren Lawson said they had both made a real difference for the buyer and seller alike.

“Talk about ‘hands on’ estate agents. Both Natalia and Julie really went above and beyond and I congratulate them on their initiative and hard work,” said Darren.

“It’s another fantastic example of putting the needs of our customers first. Dare I say that once again we moved heaven and EARTH for our vendors!”

Pictured Left to Right: Winners Julie Comber, Natalia Rozario and MD Darren Lawson.