Give the property market some serious political clout!

News at Mansbridge Balment | 06/06/2017

Put the property market high on the political agenda – that’s the message from Mansbridge Balment Plymouth as the final countdown to the General Election begins.

While senior management at the agency have broadly welcomed election pledges to tackle the current shortage of homes, they have also urged the new Government to make Housing a more political priority.

Darren Lawson, Managing Director of Mansbridge Balment, believes this can only be properly achieved by elevating the role of Housing Minister to a cabinet post – and giving the sector the political clout it deserves.

“The property market is such a fundamentally key part of our economy, yet this simply isn’t reflected in its political status” said Darren.

“Successive Governments have relegated the Housing Minister to a junior post and this has to change. The property market is a major part of the public consciousness and a key jobs and wealth creator.

“It needs a minister at cabinet level, a minister committed to championing its cause. When you look at the sweeping changes in recent times, the Help to Buy scheme and radical reform to Stamp Duty, surely that speaks volumes about how important the property market is to the political process.”

Darren has also urged the new Government to think carefully before burdening the sector with further tough tax reforms and to grasp the nettle on regulation of estate agents.

He points out that failure to address the latter perhaps best demonstrates just how little priority the housing market currently has politically.

He said as a fully licensed member of the National Association of Estate Agents, (NAEA) Mansbridge Balment is committed to supporting tough new legislation to protect the customer – and root out rogue agents.

“We need formal legislation to give customers a service that they can trust implicitly, one that builds on the NAEA’s scheme, a proper legal framework that all those involved in this industry must abide by,” said Darren.

“As an estate agent with a long heritage and the highest of customer service principles, Mansbridge Balment has nothing to fear from robust regulatory reform and the new Government must make this a priority.”