Major role in moves to simplify the property transaction process

News at Mansbridge Balment | 29/09/2017

A new initiative to standardise the process of buying and selling a property is under discussion – and Mansbridge Balment Plymouth is playing a pivotal role in the plan.

The agency is helping the joint Propertymark and My Home Move initiative by sharing its professional opinion and the current practices it has in place to ensure a transaction is completed as swiftly and effectively as possible.

The initiative brings together two respected heavyweights in the property market. Propertymark is a national scheme launched by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) which is designed to deliver greater customer confidence in the property industry.

My Home Move is the UK’s leading provider of conveyancing services, working with thousands of estate agents, lenders and brokers across the industry.

Mansbridge Balment Plymouth already plays a key role in the Propertymark scheme and has strong affiliations with the NAEA.

The agency is one of the few in Plymouth to be fully licensed by the NAEA – regarded as the benchmark for excellence in the industry – and its Branch and Marketing Manager Chris Mervyn is the current Westcountry Regional Executive for the association.

Chris said that Mansbridge Balment Plymouth has a number of key checks in place to ensure transactions are not delayed unnecessarily, including establishing the precise position of buyers, detailed information on how they are funding the purchase and deposit – as well as most importantly the timescale expectations of the chain and onward purchase.

He said the company is delighted to be able to pass on its thoughts on best practice and how the standardisation can be best achieved.

“With our close professional links to the NAEA and the very active role we are playing in driving home the importance of its Propertymark initiative we want to do whatever we can to help in these current discussions around standardising the memorandum of sale,” said Chris.

“All too often the transaction process can be held up to the frustration of all parties involved and what is perhaps most frustrating is that it is usually down to very minor oversights or mistakes.

“We already delve into the process more keenly than other estate agents. It makes total sense when you risk a sale falling through even before the sales letters have been sent out – simply because you didn’t have the experience to ask a few questions and spot a potential problem. Formulating an industry standard protocol that all parties can sign up to will be a major step forward for our industry that will benefit everyone, particularly the all-important customer.”