Meet the M-Team with Sales Success on Their Side

News at Mansbridge Balment | 10/04/2018

Mansbridge Balment Plymouth has been given a big sales boost ahead of its latest promotional campaign on the theme of a smash hit TV series from the 80s.

The agency has just celebrated one of its busiest Januarys ever and staff have been helped by the launch of the M-Team promotion, based on the exploits of the small screen’s most famous fugitives – the A-Team.

New figures show that sales at both the Plymouth City and Plymouth North branches for the first month of the year have steadily increased since 2015 and Chris Mervyn, Branch and Marketing Manager at the city office, said staff are ready to pack a punch with the M-Team promotion.

“We have all been buoyed by excellent January sales figures and it has really fired the team with enthusiasm to forge ahead with what promises to be very high profile and powerful campaign,” said Chris.

TV viewers were hooked every week as the A-Team, wanted for a crime they didn't commit, were available for hire to deliver justice for the little guy.

The M-team are available for hire too, but they are on a mission to sell your home where other agents have failed to deliver.

Mansbridge Balment Plymouth has already proved that, like Col John ‘Hannibal’ Smith and his boys, the M-Team are perfect for their particular job.

In 2016 and 2017, Mansbridge Balment’s two Plymouth branches agreed sales on more than £20 million worth of properties that had failed to sell first with another agent.

Now the M-Team campaign is looking to build on that successful track record – coupled with the latest sales figures.

Billboard posters, leaflets and media adverts have been produced featuring a Mansbridge Balmemt pimped version of the A-Team's famous black, transport van.

Chris Mervyn, Branch and Marketing Manager at the agency's Plymouth City Office, said the campaign would be a lot of fun, but it carried a very valid sales message too.

"We have been extremely successful in recent years in securing a sale for those customers who didn't get the right result from other agents," said Chris.

"If your agent has got no Plan B then you need to speak to us today! We are a lot easier to hire than the A Team too - thanks to seven days a week opening at both our Plymouth branches."