Mansbridge Balment celebrate a BIG birthday

News at Mansbridge Balment | 06/01/2021

1971 -  Edward Heath and Richard Nixon are in charge of the UK and US respectively.  A pint (when you could get one on its own without a substantial meal) will cost you 16 new pence (and they were “new” – before the 15th February it was around 3 shillings), and a brand new mini will set you back around £600.  The average house will cost you £5,632 and Mansbridge & Co open a new estate agency office in Tavistock.

Mansbridge Balment has seen many changes, as we all have, over the following 50 years.  The internet and mobile technology is something we take for granted nowadays and this is where much of the focus for the estate agency business is.  We have ‘fully immersive 3D virtual tours’ available for most properties and amazing digital imagery at our disposal.  It has revolutionised the business and changed it beyond recognition from the black and white days when the firm was established.  It is true that the way estate agency is carried out is hugely different  these days but some things haven’t changed.  Customer service and great communication skills are as essential to our success as they were when Harry Mansbridge founded the firm.

In 2020 the AllAgents estate agency review site awarded Mansbridge Balment nine Gold Awards for excellence in these fields covering both sales and lettings across every one of their offices.

“We were delighted to have been judged, by public reviews, to be hitting these standards.”  Current Managing Director, Nick Henderson, looks back at one of the most turbulent and unprecedented years any of us have experienced.  “As it was, the year started quite positively, despite Brexit uncertainty, there was a confidence in the property market which showed some really good signs for the year ahead.  Then lockdown.  The prospects of any sales reaching a conclusion were wiped away over the course of a few days, then the offices closed.” 

“As with many businesses, we anticipated the worst.  People, however, decided that they were going to change the way they lived and the way they worked.  They decided that a move to the more rural and open parts of the country was the thing to do.  Many concluded that this area was the place to move to.  And so, slowly at first and then with greater momentum, the re-opened offices became busier and busier.  The last few months have been the busiest I can remember in 35 years of estate agency.  Neither Mansbridge Balment nor I have seen anything like it so, as we move into our anniversary year, we should anticipate plenty more twists and turns.  The key though will be to keep our standards and service at the very highest levels.  We are extremely proud to be Tavistock’s longest-established estate agency and we are equally proud of the roles we have within the communities we serve.”

Mansbridge Balment’s award-winning offices cover Tavistock, Okehampton, Yelverton and the Bere Peninsula extending across Dartmoor and into Cornwall.  They provide both sales and rental services.  To find out what makes them so special after fifty years, contact your nearest branch for more information.


50 Golden Years – Opening Doors Since 1971