I want to sell/let my house, do Mansbridge Balment offer free market appraisals?

Yes, any of our 7 offices (including Lettings) would be happy to visit your property to offer you professional and constructive advice on selling or letting your home, completely free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever.

I’m looking to buy a property, and I need some advice on the area and type of property I am looking to buy, can you help?

Yes, always ask as many questions as you can when you talk to us.  Mansbridge Balment’s reputation for being the region's most trusted and respected agents is down to the staff having superb local knowledge, experience and comprehensive training of the homebuying and selling process.

I’ve had 3 agents value my property, but there is a large difference between all of the values.  How is this possible?

Firstly don’t panic! Valuations can often vary, sometimes as little or as much as 5-10% of the overall value.  It is always important to take on board the advice you have been given, but more important to ask for evidence to support the value and to seek confidence from the agent.  Ask whether the agent visiting is commission or target driven to put your property to the market, as this can often lead to an over-valuation in order to flatter or convince the seller to instruct them, which is a poor method of valuing.  At Mansbridge Balment, we always offer comparable sales evidence and take time to explain all options regarding timescales and likely sales price, none of our staff are targeted nor commission paid for simply putting a property on the market, leading to confidence and trusting advice.  If your valuations are wildly apart please let us know, even if we haven’t seen your property, we would be happy to offer you the advice and support needed.

How important are pictures when selling or letting?

We believe that it is very important to sell a property to its best – why wouldn’t you? Spending a little time to present your property in its best light before our photographer visits is time well spent.  We often see some agents taking pictures at the wrong time of the day, using bad light or even when it’s raining!  We will be happy to advise any property owner on how best to present their home during our appraisal, after all, every single potential buyer or tenant for your home will look at the pictures before anything else, and in that instance they decide whether they like it or not, so how important is that!!

What’s the best time of year to sell?

A property should generally sell at any time during the year and the seasonal trends such as the ‘Spring’ market are not as strong as they once were, mainly down to the way in which buyers look for property online now.  The market can change on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis. As long as the pricing is accurate against market conditions, you should be in a good position to gain interest throughout the year.

Have you much experience of selling my sort of property?

Being established now for over 45 years and covering such a wide region in Devon & Cornwall, Mansbridge Balment have probably been trusted to sell every type of property imaginable.  Our experience is vast covering rural town and village properties to luxury waterside homes, city, town houses and suburban family homes.  Because of this we are best placed to advise on what does or doesn’t work, with each office being able to tap into the best form of marketing that will work for their client.  It is with our diverse coverage, experience, passion and determination that make us one of the region’s top performing independent agents year after year.

Do you need a Home Information Pack to sell your home?

No, this legislation was changed in May 2010 and is no longer required.  However, a seller is required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) issued prior to marketing your home but don’t worry, Mansbridge Balment can make all the arrangements needed on your behalf and feel free to discuss this with us.

Do Mansbridge Balment conduct all the viewings, or do I have to do them as the seller?

All viewings can be accompanied by one of our experienced staff, in fact we recommend it!  You may be at work all day in any case and no opportunity should be missed. We believe in giving plenty of time to the potential buyer to spend at the property, giving us an opportunity to advise and often work constructively with them in their decision making.  We always go a long way in finding out as much as we can when we list your property for sale but are never afraid to ask for anything.  We always provide honest and comprehensive feedback from every appointment to ensure no opportunities are missed.

I need to sell my house in order to buy on, should I be on the market before I start viewing?

Generally speaking we advise potential sellers to at least have had their property valued first, in order for you to understand your budget more accurately, as this can have a profound effect on what you can look to buy.  If you are already on the market, other sellers will take you more seriously as you have shown a commitment to sell, this also puts you ahead of others once you have an offer on your property!

I’ve had my offer accepted. How long will it be before I get the keys?

Any eager buyer will want to ‘complete’ their sale as soon as possible, but often common circumstances surrounding the sale may dictate time scale.  Sales can be agreed on properties with ‘no onward chain’ meaning the sellers are not needing to make an onward purchase, or the house you are buying may be vacant.  These sales can often ‘complete’ within 6-8 weeks of an agreement, but this does rely upon many other matters including your solicitor working efficiently and your funds to purchase being available.  Other sales may take longer where a ‘chain’ of sales may exist.  At Mansbridge Balment, we believe communication is key, and our sales advisors will keep you updated on all matters throughout the sale, leading to an achievable completion in line with everyone’s expectation.  We can also recommend local solicitors and mortgage advisors to help in your decision-making process and to hopefully avoid poor advice and time wasting.

Whatever your question, please contact your local Mansbridge Balment office, where our experienced staff will be at hand to offer you advice and support covering any aspect of property movement.