If you are considering selling your home, then you need to know why Mansbridge Balment needs to be your first port of call – not all estate agents are the same and Mansbridge Balment has a proven track record as being a leading firm for more than 50 years.

Membership of Professional Organisations

We choose to be answerable to professional bodies including the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and the Property Ombudsman (TPO). Not all estate agents want to be accountable for their actions but we like to maintain the highest professional standards by conforming to the guidelines of the industry’s leading organisations. 

 Attention to detail.

Our property details always demand closer inspection as we put more effort into producing better marketing materials because first impressions count.  We place considerable emphasis on the quality of our photography and will customise our marketing advice and approach to suit the specific needs of each client and their property.

Our People.                

Our greatest strength and asset are our people.  Our staff are carefully recruited and dedicated to providing an unrivalled level of service.  If you are considering selling or letting your home, one of your prized possessions, then you will need to have a good degree of confidence in the individuals you choose.  We hope that, from your initial experience through to the day of moving, you will find our people will help you take every step and work with you to achieve the best possible result for you.


All estate agents are not the same.  We believe in the importance of allowing our clients to speak for themselves and share their experiences with others.  We have hundreds of reviews and testimonials to be found on the allagents review site ( ).  Mansbridge Balment has established themselves among the top firms in the country (there are more than 15,000 – not all estate agents are the same).

Five computer linked offices.

No matter where you are looking in the region, our network of local internet-linked offices dominate the West Devon, Tamar Valley and Dartmoor property markets. Working with other organisations and associations such as the Mayfair Office and Relocation Agent Network, together with online marketing, each property will receive comprehensive marketing and exposure.

Our website.

As you will see, our latest updated website provides a tremendous platform to showcase your property with an excellent selection of choice for buyers and tenants alike.  The website includes up to date news and advice to reflect the ever-changing environment of the property market.

Internet & Social Media.

In addition to our own website, Mansbridge Balment promotes your property across a variety of further property portals and websites.

These sites provide the national, and even global, coverage that our clients expect.  When coupled with local knowledge and specialist expertise, the results are compelling.  Mansbridge Balment also engages heavily in social media, which allows us to communicate in a more direct way than ever before.