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News at Mansbridge Balment | 02/06/2023

Hello June....

There is a myth that the Summer holidays are a bad time to put your house on the market. Will the house be untidy whilst the children are off school? Will potential buyers be too busy on holiday to view my home?  Spring and Autumn are always thought of as the best seasons to sell in. However, right now is a PERFECT time to sell your house; as we enjoy the last of Spring and come in to the beginning of Summer we are seeing an INCREASED number of buyers. Viewing numbers have multiplied and with sunny skies and blooming gardens kerb appeal is never better.


As we know selling a house is not quite as simple as accepting an offer, once solicitors are appointed the conveyancing process takes time.


If you sell your home NOW you could still be in your new home before the next school year begins. And what better time to move into your new home than the Summer when you can decorate when its dry, enjoy a moving in BBQ with your friends and family and DESERVINGLY relaxing in the garden in evening after the labour of packing and unpacking.


So, here’s some benefits to selling in the Summer…​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  1. The weather is on your side making your property look its best.  Gardens are in bloom, photos look better & your home is simply more inviting in the sunshine!


  1. It is true that the six weeks of the sc​​​​​​​hool Summer holidays can be quieter as families jet off on holiday and take ‘downtime’. However, extra time off can give people space to think about their home and any possible shortcom​​​​​​​ings. It’s the perfect time for a homeowner to start browsing properties online.
  1. More viewings! It’s simple – the more daylight hours, the more time you have for viewings. Nobody wants to view a property in the dark, so the lighter nights are perfect to show off your home to more people.​​​​​​​
  1. Families move to a new house in the Summer.  Are you selling a home that’s perfect for a family?  Families tend to prefer moving during the school holidays as there is less impact on the children and more time for them to settle in before the new term. At the very least, it will give the children something to write about in the annual ‘what I did ​​​​​​​during my Summer holidays’ essay!
  1. Moving is easier! No time to unpack your pots and pans? An alfresco dinner with some paper plates will go down a treat!​​​​​​​
  1. It’s the best time for DIY.  You have better weather and daylight to do minor fixes inside and outside the property to get it ready for viewings.  It could also help sway your buyer into making an offer. They’ll be able to start renovations or even building work as soon as they move while the weather is warm and the ground is firm.


  1. The simplest way to take advantage of the fine weather during viewings is to open your home to the Summer. Open your curtains, blinds, and the windows, too. The light will brighte​​​​​​​n up your home and make it more inviting. And the fresh air will help give a feeling of space and cleanliness.
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