“There is still movement”: estate agents react to drop in UK house prices

News at Mansbridge Balment | 09/12/2022

Local Paper, Tavistock Times invited Mansbridge Balment to share their thoughts on the current property market.

Nick Henderson, ​​​​​​​managing director of Mansbridge Balment, commented: “There is a good deal of nervousness particularly for buyers (and sellers) with mortgage c​​​​​​​ommitments currently.

“However, there is still ​​​​​​​movement with buyers registering and offers being made.

“We are also still putting a number of properties to the market – in many cases these are with vendors looking to buy on - so there is movement and there remains a desire in people to move.

“In times like these it is crucial to get advice from industry experts – properties can be sold and are being sold but you need to know what you’re doing and how best to navigate a path through.

“The teams in our offices are working harder than ever to secure moves for people and if you need to move come and speak with us and we’ll chat through the options – ring us today to find out what we can do for you.”

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